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Wingshooting - Information 
If you have always dreamed of experiencing the best dove hunting in  Argentina coupled with the highest quality lodging, enjoying succulent Argentine beef and exquisite wines, you don't need to look any further. Additionally, we have the best duck hunting in the world, fantastic pigeon hunting and exciting and challenging Perdiz hunting as well. Argentina Outdoor Adventures is  working with high quality outfitters and lodge owners to offer you the best possible overall experience.
Argentina offer a buffet of duck species and some of the most beautiful ducks in all the world. There are several types of teal, including a slightly larger version of the cinnamon teal. Also, two types of pintails: the white cheeked or Bahama pintail that many find to be the most attractive of all the ducks and the Yellow Billed Pintail. Then, you will also find Wigeons, Whistling ducks, Shovellers, and the Rosy-Billed Pochard—a big, dark duck that flies like a mallard and decoys like a canvasback. A typical duck hunting trip will include as few as five or as many as thirteen duck species. When you come duck hunting to one of our lodges, you will have the chance to hunt in different scenarios: from big ponds (you will use a boat to get to your blind or you will walk easily to small pot holes) to narrow channels which drain water out of big lagoons, making ducks run in a kind of flyway.
The dove we pursue in Argentina is the eared dove, a gray speedster that is the cousin of the mourning dove in North America, the bird which made “dove shooting” such an exciting pastime in the first place. We have millions of doves, and perfect habitat to assure that we’ll have millions for a long time to come.
We have two kinds of pigeons in Argentina, the Pica Zuro–which is a big, blue/gray wild pigeon. They are fast, hard to shoot, and many experienced shooters consider the Pica Zuro to be a sporting bird on par with a pheasant or a mallard duck. The other type of pigeon is the spot-winged pigeon, which is a bird that is a good deal bigger than a dove, but not quite as big as the Pica Zuro.
The word “perdiz” is Spanish slang for the word partridge. You will not shoot a “real” perdiz in Argentina or Uruguay. You’ll shoot the most common specie of tinamou. The real perdiz is actually the Spanish red legged Partridge. However, you’ll call them perdiz —a sporty name for a sporty bird that holds well for dogs, flies fast and thrives in light cover, also offering succulent white meat at the table. The tinamou is about the size of a Hungarian partridge..or as we call them…Hungarian perdiz