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Alumine River
This river flows out of Lake Aluminé, over 130 km until it joins Catan Lil River, giving rise to the Collon Cura.
The Upper Aluminé stretches from the lake to the confluence with the Pulmari River. Located near the Pehuenia tourist destination, the Upper Alumine is regularly visited by tourist, who create considerable fishing pressure. At its source, the river flows slowly and fishing is not to good, but further downstream, it picks up speed as it flows thru a Canyon. Rainbow trout are the most plentiful species, often measuring up to 16 inches.
The Middle Aluminé (22 miles) stretches from the Pulmarî to the Quillén confluence. You can fish from a boat here, as the rapids are slower, although there a couple of technical jumps that are quite difficult to maneuver.
Several creeks (Huiri Huiri, LLamuco, Vilcunco, Rahue and Puipucon), Kilca river and Rucachoroi river flow into the middle Aluminé., swelling its waters.
The water here is greenish and fishing is better. Fish are larger, ranging from 14 to 20 inches. Rainbow trout is the most plentiful species, followed by Brown trout.
The Lower Aluminé (48 miles from the Quillén to the Catan Lil confluence) carries a lot of water thanks to contributions from Malleo River and several creeks (Rancahue, Pichi Leufu, Nahuel Mapi and Pilo Lil).
Between the Quillén and the Bridge over the Pilo Lil, the Aluminé flows parallel to the road and has runs and deep pools. From the bridge to its confluence with the Catan Lil, it can only be accessed by boat. Fishing conditions and the size of the fish along this stretch are excellent.