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Limay River
The Middle Limay River runs 50 miles along the semi-arid Patagonian high steppe into the huge fertile Lake Ramos Mejía.


The fact that it is a tail water fishery ensures profuse underwater life of all sorts and a variety of daily hatches generating ideal conditions for super healthy populations of resident strong brown and rainbow trout that will take dries on the surface like there is no tomorrow.

So both features mentioned make for a unique combination of action and excitement. You can fish dries on the surface all day long and/or you can dredge the bottom with fast heavy sinking heads and large weighted streamers if hunting huge fish is your focus. You can fish it by wading or from the boat... or a combination of both.

This is a river for everybody. The Middle Limay River is a huge body of water with countless channels offering the most challenging and rewarding fly-fishing experience in Patagonia today.

The fact that it flows into a gigantic fertile lake makes for the possibility of hunting enormous migratory brown trout that will run up the river during the season getting ready to spawn.

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