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Patagonia private Ranch
The estancia Quemquemtreu headquarters are an hour and twenty minutes away from Chapelco Airport, located between the cities of Junin and San martin de los Andes in the province of Neuquen. It is also 3 hours from the city of San Carlos the Bariloche.
The road to Quemquemtreu winds through the hills that mark the transition from the arid Patagonian steppe and the Andes mountain range.
Placed at the foot of mount Pailacura this old cattle ranch gets its name from the Quemquemtreu stream wich flows through the property.
This is one of the largest ranches in the area with 180.000 acres of unique enviroment where southern country customs and traditions live on in the midst of surroundings protected as a natural reserve.
Guest will enjoy friendly, personalized attention and every comfort during an unforgettable stay in the Patagonian mountains.
The Hunting
Estancia Quemquemtreu is home of the largest free range Red deer herd in Patagonia and very rich in other wildlife such as Wild Boar, Puma, Guanacos and birds.
With a very strict managment program only 16 trophies are taken each season and almost all of them are SCI Silver and Gold medals. 
All the trophy hunts are guided one on one and the hunters can take a trophy Stag and a management Stag.
Management Hunts are guided two on one and the hunters can take 4 management Stags.
Every day each hunter and their guide will depart before sunrise in a 4x4 truck to reach the best hunting areas of the ranch. With the use of spotting scopes and high powered binoculars the  guide will find the best trophies and plan the stalk.
You and Your guide will cover a fair amount of ground, passing up many stags, to find the right Red Stag trophy for You.
On most days You will return to the Lodge for lunch and a short siesta before returning to glass the hills and valleys again.
Quemquemtreu welcomes rifle and bow hunters. Rifle shots are usually 200-400 yards across canyons or valleys. Bow hunts are along the large Collon Cura river and the Quemquemtreu mountain stream. Much of this riparian environments are thick with tall thick grasses and willow trees making it ideal to get within bow range of your prize trophy.
The estancia has two comfortable lodges, both with five double rooms and full services. One of the lodges has been specially prepared for Fly fishers and the other one for Hunters.

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