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Patagonia private Ranch
Alumin�, Neuqu�n
The Ranch
The ranch, property of the Cordero family, is located only 5 Km from Aluminé town.
The family have lived there for over 70 years, keeping the manners and country- like way of life from the old times. Their current owners are heirs of Don Antuco Cordero, an actual pioneer who settled here in 1942, since then the house has sheltered more than one generation.
Although the ranch has been recently used as a touristic accommodation, the rhythm of the rural life as well as the daily ranch works, mix with a magical world where you will enjoy of pleasurable countryside days and being awaken by the sound of nature.
The Lodge
Built in “French wall” over one hundred years ago, the house has been the residence of our family for quite a long time.
Over the years we have enjoyed of numerous visits of relatives, friends and anyone who needed a cozy shelter. Being the grandmother Matilde the host and the centre around whom the life of the ranch developed. Even today her presence is on every corner; milking the cows for fresh milk or ready for the cheese, cooking for a bunch of relatives or simply knitting in the cold night of Patagonian winter. Her spirit is among us in the house, her house...
The house was restored a few years ago and got ready to receive every traveller looking forward to spending some delightful and truly Patagonian country side days.
Surrounded by a big green park and close to Llamuco creek, the place provides you with privacy along with an unusual quietude. The spacious and beautifully decorated rural style suite bedrooms offer a capacity of up to ten guests.
A large round and swivel table turn the lunch or dinner into a unique moment, crowned by the coffee in the living room which is full of family memories and warmed by the centenarian firewood kitchen.
Next to the house there is the “quincho”, built in cypress logs with big windows, where you can take pleasure in having a great “asado”
The Food
Our food is made daily by Loly, current owner of the property, who learnt the art of cooking from her grandmother and now it makes essential to delight every guest with a carefully designed menu based in fresh and organic products collected from our own garden.
The pasta, the lamb and trout are some of the exquisites of our cuisine and to finish a perfect evening, we offer you delicious and traditional desserts accompanied with a homemade liqueur or spirit.
The wines come from the best Patagonian wineries. However, any other is available according to the ranch’s wine menu.
In the afternoon you can enjoy of a snack in the lovely summer park in the park, the previous being the preface for a wonderful dinner.
The “asados” in the “quincho” along with the “empanadas” or pasties made by Loly are so fabulous that some of our guests plan their holidays not to miss them.
The Hunting
Hunting at Llamuco is about as exciting as it gets during the March roaring season. The method of hunting during the rut or roar, as it is referred to in South America, is to glass known rutting areas in the high plains and the mountain valleys. Once a shooter stag is spotted hunters attempt to stalk within rifle range.  Typical shots average about 150 yards with much longer shot opportunities readily available in this open habitat. Hunters either hunt off of horseback from the lodge or out of Toyota trucks, then after the trophy is spotted the stalk is on foot.. Our clients experience 100% success year after year on great trophies.
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The habitat in this area of Patagonia ranges from gentle rolling hills to fairly step mountain terrain at the higher elevations.  The majority of stag hunting takes place in the hills and valleys just off the rivers.
Argentina trophy red stag are hunted from March thru May with mid March to Mid April being the peak of the roaring season.
Trophy Expectations
Hunters can expect to harvest red stag trophies equivalent to a 300 class elk.  Patient hunters really looking for a top end trophy generally have an opportunity at something similar to a 330-350 class elk.
Hunters can expect mild temperatures during the March/April stag season Similar to mid fall in the South East. Day time temperatures can reach the 70’s with morning lows in the high 40’s on average. It rarely rains during the March/April time frame but hunters after late season trophies in May can experience some rain.
Dodging “Browns” and fierce “Rainbows” trout waits for you in the crystal waters of our rivers and creeks making Aluminé one of the best locations in Patagonia for fly-fishing. Together with qualified guides, the ranch offers a complete service to make your fishing days, whether on a boat or into the river, a marvellous and unique experience.
Horse riding
Red deer Hunting
Bird watching
Historical trips
Patagonian cuisine
Llamuco ranch is an exceptional place for your holidays but also for, family or Corporate events, where the “quincho” is the perfect scenario for a special moment.
Corporate meetings
Llamuco ranch invites you to live a unique experience in Patagonia with a complete offer; first class accommodations and gastronomy and qualified and devoted personal paying special attention to every detail during your stay in order to make it unforgettable.
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Getting There
American guests arrive into Buenos Aires Ezeiza International airport where they will be met by our ground staff and escorted to the regional airport roughly 45 minutes across town.  From the regional airport,  Aeroparque, they will fly about 2 hours south to the ski resort of San Martin De Los Andes (Chapelco Airoport). where the ranch staff will meet you and transfer from the airpot to Llamuco Ranch (about 1 hour and 20 min scenic drive).