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Malleo River
Internationally renowned as one of the best rivers in the World for trout, the Malleo flows some 40 miles from Tromen Lake to Aluminé River. It is so long that it´s a good idea to divide its course into three distinct sections: upper Malleo (from Tromen Lake to the international bridge leading to Paso Tromen), middle Malleo (between the international bridge leading to Paso Tromen and the bridge leading to Aluminé town) and lower Malleo (between the bridge and the confluence with Aluminé River).

Upper Malleo (about 18 miles). Here the river flows down a steep gradient , often thru ravines, over large boulders and past lush riverside vegetation. There also wide meanders with steep banks up to 13 feet high. You can land real trophies in the area known as Red gate, for example, where the Malleo flows through a well-tended fishing area, and fishing quantity and quality are therefore outstanding and significantly better than farther downstream.

In contrast to the lower course, the vegetation alongside the upper Malleo is protected and special care is taken to avoid over fishing, so there is and excellent fish population. The fact that the catch- and -release method is used means that there are many trophy sized fish in the area. Average trophy weight is over 3 pounds, and it is not unusual to land a 6 pounder using the right techniques.

Middle Malleo (about 6 miles). The entire middle male is essay to access from the road. All of its features, including morphology, scenery, fishing pressure and the fish themselves, are intermediate between those of the upper and lower courses. The banks are less deteriorated by cattle than they are farther downstream. There are however, signs of quarries, which have somewhat changed the course of the river.

Lower Malleo (about 12 miles). The lower course flows more slowly, so riffles are fewer and there are many quiet pools, which are typical of the area. Riverside vegetation is still plentiful, though sparser than upstream. The river only rarely flows through ravines, and the boulders on the bed are smaller, so it´s much easier to wade.