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Collon Cura River
Collon Cura river is a long, wide, meandering river. It flows from north to south, starting at the confluence of Aluminé river and Chimehuin river, receiving water from tributaries Caleufu river and Quemquemtreu stream, and finally joining Limay

The land it crosses is low-lying, with few rocks and plenty of bends, runs and pools. Since the Piedra del Aguila Dam was built on Limay River, the appearance of the Collon Cura has changed, particularly along the final stretch. Part of its banks are absolutely "clean", while other sections are covered in plentiful vegetation, mainly willow trees.

It´s quiet and easy river to wade, but the best option is to float it. You can land both Rainbow Trout (the most plentiful variety) and Brown Trout weighing up to 5 pounds, occasionally anglers land bigger trout.